The Long Night

Dust to Dust



[Incoming Message Received. Source: Unknown]

[Quantum Analysis: No Interception Detected]

[Decryption Complete]

Ref: FWO/21151222155043/LN
Compiled December 22
Author: Proxy Ozymandias A3
Subject: Operation Long Night Debriefing
Location: Valles-New Shanghai, Mars

We are currently in the process of restoring agents to active duty from backups obtained by Mohinder Maruyama. Agent Glowurm will be put in offline back up and isolated for further study. Her simulspace signature is showing several anomalous readings and accounts from her fellow agents demand extreme caution be taken. All other agents will undergo further psych evaluation but are expected to make a full recovery.

It is unfortunate no backups can be recovered from any of the agents after they left Mars, including my own. It appears that they have left Hyoden for Pasiphae on or about the 26th of November and within 12 hours the moon’s orbital path stopped changing and it destabilized catastrophically. What remains shrouded by the moon’s fragments is very intriguing.

If our listening post observations are correct then we have discovered a sixth Pandora Gate. This Jovian Gate, if confirmed, will require careful study. We are spinning up agents to investigate.

After the resistance fighters took the spaceport the Jovian’s lost their ability to resupply. They quickly folded to international pressure thereafter before the conflict escalated further. The situation on Callisto is still tenuous, but stabilizing, and government control has reverted to the people of Hyoden. We will reestablish our base of operations there within the next month.

[End Message]

[This Message Has Self-Erased]



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