The Long Night

Red Storm Rising

Session 3


PCs (Players)

Aura (Nathan)
Frog (Charlie)
Deceiver (Jacob)
Glowurm (Jon)
Pyrelight (Craig)


Mohinder Murayama
Benjamin Franklin
Ranger Welker
Agent Jaeger


Solidarity Station (Earth Interdiction Zone)
Olympus Mons(Mars)
Arsia Mons(Mars)


Current Date: November 15th-17th, 10 AF


3 Exsurgent Headhunters


  • Arrive at Mars and meet with Mohinder. You negotiate with him and as payment for his damaged ship and lost cargo he wants you to kill a Nine Lives boss.
  • You make your way from Olympus to Arsia Mons and arrive at the ranger station. You manage to talk your way into the facility using falsified identities.
  • You are allowed to meet with their prisoner, Agent Jaeger, who is catatonic.
  • Glowurm attempts to scan his mind but accidentally causes him to have a seizure.
  • Frog uses this to convince the guards that Jaeger needs medical attention which he is able to provide. He gains entry and with uncanny skill is able to extract Jaeger’s cortical stack without attracting undue attention.
  • You all prepare to make a break for it when an alarm bell sounds. There are exsurgents inbound from the TQZ.
  • In the confusion you speed off into the Martian desert but are pursued by headhunter drones, TITAN weapons of horrific purpose. You fight off the first few scouts but many more are on the way.



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