The Long Night

Escape Velocity

Session 2


PCs (Players)

Aura (Nathan)
Deceiver (Jacob)
Flash (Mike)
Glowurm (Jon)
Hammer (Aaron)
Pyrelight (Craig)


Dr. Bot
Tomas Alhambra
Sikandar Jackson
Benjamin Franklin


Solidarity Station (Earth Interdiction Zone)


Current Date: November 7th, 10 AF


  1. 6 Converted Automech Droids
  2. 2 Hunter/Killer Drones


  • You meet up with Deceiver and Hammer in Red Sector, they were sent by Ozymandius a month ago for rescue and recovery.
  • You are attacked by exsurgent droids and defeat them.
  • You hack into the cornucopia machine in the machine shop and are confronted by Zero. He shows you a video of Artemis sending a message to Ozymandius, compromising the Op on Pasiphae before uploading an exsurgent virus into the station’s computer and setting off an explosion in Yellow Sector and getting sucked out into space because of it.
  • You proceed to the control room where you are ambushed by Tomas and Sikandar who have become exusrgents.
  • You find a message from Ozymandius saying that the Op on Pasiphae failed, he is going to ground in Hyoden and that you are to find out what happened to Artemis and her team on Mars.
  • You leave the station shortly before it breaks up and your ship is pursued by hunter killer drones.
  • An exsurgent droid snuck onto your ship while you were exploring the station. It is heavily armed and armored so rather than fight it, Glowurm attempts to open the cargo bay doors by setting off the fire suppression system. His particle beam weapon malfunctions accidentally setting off mining explosives that were in the hold. The ship is damaged and you lose the cargo, but the creature is sucked out into space.
  • You leave earth orbit and are now limping towards Mars.


Prior to session 2, Deceiver and Hammer arrived at Solidarity Station. They were activated by Ozymandias one month ago. He briefed them that there was an incident at Solidarity Station and they were to get the fastest ship they could from Mohinder Murayama and attempt rescue and recovery before the station deorbited.

Mohinder allowed them passage on one of his vessels, the Marcus Garvey. It was going on a smuggling mission to Luna crewed by Benjamin Franklin, Sikandar Jackson and Tomas Alhambra.

Aura, Flash, Glowurm, and Pyrelight with an unconscious Tomas being carried by Dr. Bot peer into the blackness of Red Sector through the small, frost covered view port on the air lock door. Pyrelight engages his T-Ray Emitter while Glowurm discreetly uses his Ego Sense. They spot Hammer concealed behind an airduct, his SMG drawn.. They fail to notice Deceiver, mainly because he looks like an airduct.

For once you ask questions first, saving the shooting for later. You all talk through the intercom and determine that you all want the same thing, to get off the station alive.

You proceed into Red Sector and are immediately attacked by six alien looking droids, same as those in the med bay. Pyrelight puts a round through one of the creatures orb like eyes while Flash charges forward and finishes it off. Tearing it apart with her clawed hands. Hammer spins around but reacts too slowly and is impaled by tungsten carbide tendrils. She unloads her SMG into its case and it collapses. Aura ducks into the crew quarters and grabs more weapons, firing from around the bulkhead door. Deceiver, his armored, slytheroid body far less fragile than the biomorphs lets loose a hail of armor piercing lead, shredding the droids. Glowurm her face black, her eyes red moves like shimmering steel and cuts down the last of them.

You gather your equipment from your quarters and find a fully operational cornucopia machine which is almost completely depleted of raw materials. Aura tries hacking into the station’s systems and is confronted by a demented Zero. He shows you his last moments of sanity. A video feed of Artemis returning to the station and being resleeved two months ago. She slowly and purposefully walks to the command sector and sends a message to Ozymandias on an open channel.

Abort the operation, Ozymandius. You will fail.

she then proceeds to the cornucopia machine and starts entering commands. Almost immediately alarm bells start to go off and Zero reacts by attacking her. She runs down the causeway back to yellow sector and is gunned down by a sentry gun, but not before she sets off an explosive causing a hull breach that sucks her into space.

Confused, you continue on to the control room, mainly to find enough vac suits to make your way to the shuttle craft and get the hell out of there. As you…open the airlock you see Sikandar Jackson with a blank look on his face messing with the command console and then you hear a shrill mechanical squeal behind you as Dr. Bot‘s head comes off. The good news is Tomas is awake. The bad news, he is no longer Tomas. His arms have changed into chitinous talons and has face, like Sikandar’s is void of emotion, of sympathy, of pain or fear. They are something other. They are exsurgent.

You battle them back and destroy them but they burned up precious time. With only minutes remaining Aura scours the command center for any recoverable data,only finding a single hard disk that he is willing to connect one of her automechs. It is the comm logs for Solidarity Station. The last message received was dated six weeks ago. It is a message from Ozymandias saying that the mission on Pasiphae was a total failure. He is going to ground in Hyoden and will make contact as soon as he can safely do so. Your mission, if you are still alive is to find out what happened to Artemis and her team on Mars.

You leave, getting off the station just minutes before the station breaks apart. Deceiver fires up the high-g anti matter engines of the Marcus Garvey and pushes to escape velocity. The antimatter burn, while necessary, was too long. You have attracted attention.

Two hunter-killer drones have spotted you through the cloud of debris and jamming fields and are closing fast. Launches detected. Aura launches ECM and tries to clean up the sensors while Deceiver deftly maneuvers and fires up the afterburner. Pyrelight mans the point defense turret and begins shooting back. He truly is THE ULTIMATE MERC. As this is going on, Benjamin Franklin says he thinks something is slinking around the cargo hold. Flash and Glowurm go to investigate.

They find an exsurgent combat drone, like the creatures on the station but larger and more heavily armed and armored. It must have snuck on board the ship while they were exploring the station. Seeing they are outmatched, Flash and Glowurm try to open the cargo bay doors and suck it out into space but Deceiver refuses. He doesn’t want to lose the Triad‘s cargo. Glowurm finds a solution. She will set off the fire suppression system which will automatically open the cargo bay. She tethers to a bulkhead and fires her particle beam weapon at the fire alarm. Unfortunately, the weapon backfires, igniting a crate of mining explosives which causes hull breaching damage to the Marcus Garvey, destroying or flushing the cargo into space. It got rid of the combat droid though, so there’s that. Flash recovers the unconscious and badly wounded body of Glowurm.

The hunter killers are still on your tail. The hold explosion knocked out the targeting systems and ECM. Deceiver manages to maneuver past a derelict station, barely missing while Pyrelight is somehow able to get a shot off and destroy the last remaining drone. You have made it out of the Earth Interdiction Zone alive.

You are now limping towards Mars.



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