The Long Night

Through the Desert! Through the Desert!

Session 5


PCs (Players)

Aura (Nathan)
Frog (Charlie)
Glowurm (Jon)
Pyrelight (Craig)


Solomon Wyatt


Arsia Mons Ranger Station
Smuggler’s Camp


Current Date: November 18th-20th, 10 AF


  • Smuggler Sniper


  • You return to the burned out ruin of the ranger station to scavenger for supplies and look for survivors.
  • Frog collects many cortical stacks from the dead rangers and resuscitates a smuggler that was still clinging to life in one of the holding cells. You each grab a particle beam bolter and light body armor. Aura finds a case of six thermobaric grenades. Aura manages to get one of the station’s computers running and connects to the mesh and finds that the rangers have all fled with their fleet of vehicles to the north. Pyrelight finds the cornucopia machine but it is too badly damaged to repair without considerable time and effort. Glowurm subliminally suggests to the smuggler that Frog is a good friend and should be trusted implicitly.
  • Frog interrogates the smuggler and learns a possible location of the smuggler’s base in the TQZ. This corroborates what Aura finds in the ranger’s systems.
  • You set off on foot for the smuggler’s base in hopes of finding vehicles to take you to your destination in the TQZ. You stop near a low ridge deep in the desert, collapsing from exhaustion. Solomon pressures you to press on, saying that you are about to camp in Wastewalker territory. Pyrelight nearly breaks his ankle but manages to hoof it out of there with the rest of you.
  • You manage to reach the smuggler’s canyon late into the night and climb down into a small cave. The next morning you set out down the canyon floor. It gives Pyrelight pause as you are surrounded by caves in the high walled canyon and are more or less out in the open. He was right to be concerned.
  • A round from a gauss sniper rifle rips through Glowurm’s chest and she falls to the ground. Pyrelight lays down suppressive fire and dives for cover while Frog swings his beamer around and connects. The sniper gets down and is calling for help but Aura manages to jam his comms after building a temporary barrier for Glowurm. Pyrelight lobs a thermobaric grenade at the sniper who dives out from cover to avoid it and is cut down by the waiting beam of Frog. you take the sniper’s radio and press on.
  • Shortly thereafter you find the smuggler’s camp. There are too many to take on in a direct assault but you don’t need to fight them to take their vehicles. They left ten martian buggies and two larger howdahs parked under some camouflage netting outside of the cave systems. Pyrelight and Glowurm sneak in and hijack two vehicles and blow up all the rest, save the howdahs, with grenades. You peel out down the canyon further into the TQZ toward the dreaded White Zone.



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