The Long Night

Ashes to Ashes

Session 10


PCs (Players)

Pyrelight (Craig)
Glowurm (Jon)
Frog (Charlie)




-Sanzu Waste Treatment Plant
-Hyoden Spaceport
-Olympia Mining Company Hangar 2
-Karkarov 1 Mine
-Asterion’s Chamber


November 26th, 10 AF


  • Space Port Front Lines (Jovian firing line)
  • The Hangar (2 HOPLITE Battlesuits)
  • Karkarov 1 (Exsurgent Zombies, Deceiver, Yourselves)


Ozymandias discusses the battle to come with the colonel while Pyrelight explains what has taken place on Hyoden since August.


The plan was simple enough. Your contact at the Olympia Mining Corporation set you up with jobs at the spaceport. You established a safe house there (hidden in a cargo container) and fabbed a pair of farcasters. Aura installed one into a droid charging station that was about to be sent up to Karkarov 1. You would then clandestinely resleeve into the mining droids and infiltrate the facility. The recharger was installed on schedule and Deceiver went up. His preliminary report showed a major Jovian presence deep within the moon. They were studying something in the moon’s core, something of TITAN origin.

That was when everything went to hell. Artemis blew the op wide open. You fled the spaceport to draw the Jovians away. Above all, you had to keep the farcaster from being discovered. It wasn’t long before the kill team hunted you down. Only Ozymandias and Pyrelight survived. They have been trying to reestablish contact with Deceiver (and you) ever since, but the Jovians were too vigilant. It was only after the destruction of the J.S.S. Liberty and the blockade and coup that followed that you had your chance.

The resistance has been fighting a losing battle for weeks. If they do not stem the tide of Jovian forces all will be lost. They must retake the spaceport. You are to join them in the assault, infiltrate the hangar, and farcast to Hyoden.

You overlook the barren surface of Callisto, the planet Jupiter filling the dark sky. There is a blinding flash as an anti-ship missile slams into the Jovian cruiser keeping station overhead. The Hyoden regulars have retaken the battery. You load into the command APC with Ozymandias and roll towards the front line.


A barrage of missiles slams into the Jovian fortifications as aerospace fighters flash overhead. Fenrir morphs bring their heavy railguns to bear on the Jovian front line as your APC rumbles forward. Jovian HOPLITE infantry and battlemechs counterattack. There is a thunderous explosion as an orbital weapon lays waste to the battlefield below it. Still you press on.


As you near the barricades, your APC is struck by a missile. The whole front of the craft is torn open and everyone forward of the troop compartment is killed. Ozymandias and the resistance officers are critically injured and unconscious. You fared better. Aura and Glowurm spring into action, forcing opening the compartment door and trying to regain control of the vehicle which is still hurtling towards the barricade. Frog and Pyrelight open the drop gate and bail out. They lay down suppression fire and move through cover. Aura and Glowurm manage to get the smoldering hulk under control and start dragging out the wounded while taking heavy fire.

You retreat into the shell of a building. Frog stabilizes the wounded while Pyrelight fires into the Jovian lines. Ozymandias awakens, sees the extent of his injuries and checks out, saying he will meet you again on Pasiphae. Aura reboots the backup computer on the APC and sends it into the barricade at full speed. With a terrible blast it punches a hole through the line. Glowurm, using her exsurgent powers convinces the resistance commander to escort them across the airfield to the Olympia Hangar.

After fierce fighting you enter the massive building and Pyrelight leads you to the cargo containers. Unfortunately, guards still remain. Two HOPLITEs open fire with heavy rail. Pyrelight is almost cut in half and slumps next to a container entrance, bleeding out. Glowurm suffers a similar fate.


Aura, using her freeze gun, manages to stop up their weapons and slow them while taking cover inside a container. It’s the distraction Frog needed. He sneaks past them and gets to the farcaster. It will still take time to transmit. Using every resource she has, Aura makes it as hard as possible for the HOPLITEs to reach her; employing nanoswarms, temporary barricades and piled cargo.


As the HOPLITEs approach, using their claws to tear open the container, Gunny, Pyrelight’s muse, detonates every grenade on his body, turning one of them into a smoldering heap. The remaining battlesuit enters the container and Aura charges, setting off the last of the explosives. The mission was accomplished. Frog completed the transmission to Pasiphae before destroying the farcaster and checking out.

You all meet up again in the bright white Limbo of the load space. You resleeve into the mining droids and begin the arduous journey through the massive mining complex. Terrible tremors rock the moon and huge fissures have opened up. The acceleration is tearing the moon apart.


You make your way deep into the interior of Pasiphae, climbing through mine shafts leading you ever inward until you reach the core. Before you are a group of small buildings perched above a precipice, overlooking a vast glowing sea. The sea is filled with nanites. The TITANs have created a vast matrioshka engine that is converting all of Pasiphae to its purpose.

As you approach you see a figure standing at the edge where the nanites have formed a great column. “Welcome, friends.” it says turning around to greet you. It is Deceiver, but twisted and exsurgent. “Come forward, Glowurm. Asterion has been waiting for you.” Lurking in the shadows of the buildings you see bodies of Jovians stirring, exsurgent features betraying their once human forms.


Glowurm steps forward and reaches for the console. As if sensing some betrayal, Deceiver reaches out to grab her hand. “No. I will not allow that course of action.” he shouts. A struggle ensues and the team springs into action. Pyrelight lunges at the exsurgents crushing them as he wields his digging arms like great clubs. Frog tears open the doors of one of the buildings and looks inside. He finds still active sensors and control equipment which he races to understand. Aura charges at Deceiver and knocks him off the cliff, they both tumble down into the sea of nanites below. Their bodies, badly damaged, begin to be disassembled by the vast swarm. Glowurm, now unopposed, takes control of Asterion. She commands it to create for her a new body, a futura, so that she may be more comfortable. She wishes the same comfort for her friends. “Harvest their cortical stacks and build a farcaster. Destroy these exsurgent threats.” From out of the sea, like a plague of insects, comes a cloud of nanites to do her bidding. Asterion has been unleashed. Frog sees the sensors spike. Pyrelight looks in dismay as the swarm attacks his body. He charges toward Glowurm to stop her.

Frog sees the body of a Jovian scientist slumped over the console, his keycard still inserted into the machine. The Jovians had built a failsafe, antimatter charges embedded below. Frog sets them off. With a terrible rumble, the sea of nanites begins to glow like lava as it works to absorb the energy and repair itself. Glowurm turns around seeing what has happened. "You fools! I would have made it all as it was! I would have saved you all! " Pyrelight, reaching the console, slams into Glowurm and they tumble over the side. “I will bring you with me into flame and darkness.” he says. “Initiate self destruct!” His morph explodes as they plunge into the molten sea. Frog lays back as the nanites finish him and smiles.

Asterion, no longer able to sustain itself, is rocked by an explosion that shatters Pasiphae into thousands of pieces. The TITAN threat has been neutralized.



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