The Long Night

Dark Deeds, Dark Casts

Session 8


PCs (Players)

Frog (Charlie)
Glowurm (Jon)
Pyrelight (Craig)
Deceiver (Jacob)


Mohinder Murayama
Nine Lives Smuggler Leader


The White Zone
Smuggler Hideout
Martian Outback


Current Date: November 23rd-25th, 10 AF


  • Nine Lives smugglers at the Jovian base (1 Reaper Morph, 2 Armored Mars Rovers – Howdahs, 2 Machine Hunters – elite smugglers, 10 Carbon Reaver Pirates – mook smugglers)
  • Nine Lives smugglers at their hideout (5 Carbon Reaver Pirates – mook smugglers)


  • You prepare for battle against the rapidly approaching Nine Lives smugglers. Aura and Glowurm close the gate while Pyrelight, Frog and Deceiver man the battlements. Deceiver fires up the remaining twin linked gauss machine gun emplacement. That’s when you see it. A reaper drone flying high and diving fast. Pyrelight fires seeker round after seeker round at it while Frog and Deceiver shoot bursts of charge particles and hypervelocity slugs to bring it down. The barrage destroys the drone and it crashes into the med bay with a thunderous explosion, but not before it destroyed the railgun turret.
  • The smugglers close quickly and rounds are exchanged before their leader calls for parlay. After a heated discussion with threats from both sides, Glowurm goes out to treat with her. She uses her mind tricks to overwhelm the smuggler’s senses and convince her to let them go. You waste no time and drive off while they argue among themselves.
  • You drive to the smuggler’s hideout, which you believe is now only manned by a skeleton crew. You are hailed over the comm system. “Icarus this is Daedelus, what’s your status?” Convincing them that you need medical assistance you approach as a Dr. Bot and two med techs rush out to meet you. You run them over and shoot the guards at the cave entrance.
  • You enter the cave and come to a blast door which you bypass. You sweep the facility and overcome a booby trap and light resistance before you find their comm system and smuggled booty. You send a message to Ozymandias and leave with a TITAN artifact, destroying everything else.
  • Sneaking out of the TQZ using Deceiver’s smuggling tricks to avoid the rangers you abandon your vehicle and hoof it towards Olympus. You travel for a few days on foot until you encounter a truck heading south. You hack the AI which was bringing a load of cornucopia machines to the Noctis Rangers and drive to Olympus.. You steal the blue prints for ranger equipment before sending it on its way again.
  • You set up a meeting with Mohinder at his favorite club, Satan’s Alley. You revel in having a reliable mesh connection for the first time in weeks and catch up on current events. Leading the news is Pasiphae. It is changing orbit rapidly, spiraling in toward Jupiter. The city of Hyoden is under Jovian naval blockade and there has been a coup putting a Jovian sympathetic group in charge. The city is divided. The jovian faction controls half the city while the former government has gone underground, fighting against them.
  • Ozymandias sends a message asking you to get to Pasiphae as quickly as possible to complete your newly modified mission objectives.
  • The meeting with Mohinder goes well and and you trade the cortical stacks of the Nine Lives smugglers and the TITAN artifact, a halcyon known as Perfect Blossom, to wipe your debt clean and buy a darkcast to Hyoden.
  • You darkcast out. Resleeving options are limited. Pyrelight resleeves into a synth, Deceiver into a slitheroid, Glowurm into a splicer, and Frog into a splicer, Hammer into a synth and Aura into a bouncer. You awaken in a dark basement under a building in Jovian occupied territory.



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