The Long Night

Carnage by the Concierge

Session 9


PCs (Players)

Pyrelight (Craig)
Deceiver (Jacob)


Baron Samedi
Colonel Eric Baird


-Hotel Solacium
-King of Spades Pawn Shop
-Sanzu Waste Treatment Plant


November 25th, 10 AF


  • Four Jovian Guards


You awaken in a resleeving clinic that looks like something out of a bad horror movie. The smell of expended cleaning nanites and cooking odors permeate the air. A woman in a hotel maid’s uniform is working the ego bridge console and checking your vitals. “Welcome to the Hotel Solacium” she says, without glancing up from her screen. “How are you feeling? I must apologize for the limited selection of morphs available, looks like this is quite a downgrade for some of you. That will make acclimation more difficult but I’ll give you something to help with the alienation. Since the Jovians took over the hotel we haven’t been able to get anything in.”

As you begin to move around, your muses come online. You are indeed on Hyoden, at least Mohinder didn’t send you out to the Kuiper belt or someplace worse. The woman introduces herself as Lucy and hands you each a uniform. They are drab, but clean and well pressed, functional outfits suitable for hotel work and, for Deceiver, janitorial garb. “When you were last here you left this message.” She posts a note to your AR.

King of Spades Pawn Shop, West End
Ask Baron Samedi to see the Dollar
Offer to buy it for 596¥

“Your IDs are rudimentary.” says Lucy as she finishes up imprinting your nanotats. “The tattoos and brain imprint changes should hold up to a check point, but won’t work against a deep dive.” With that she sends you on your way.

You step out of the well hidden room into the laundry and make your way through the hotel basement to the janitor’s office and the kitchen beyond. Chefs are dressing up food as it comes out of the fabbers to make it look, and taste, less artificial. They act is if you are not even there. They know better than to notice anything suspicious about the laundry.

You are unarmed and need to get out of the building. You grab knives from the kitchen and improvised clubs from the janitor’s office. You need to get out and the floors above are swarming with Jovian officers and guardsmen. Aura is quickly able to find the schematics for the hotel. You come up with a plan. You will use the ducts to travel to the upper floors. Aura will sneak to the rear of the building and pull the fire alarm. There she will wait while Deceiver and Pyrelight drop down into the security office behind the front desk, take out the guards, grab their weapons and sneak out during the noise and confusion of the fire drill. To incapacitate the guards you will mix a chemical cocktail out of what they can find in the utility room.

Deceiver and Pyrelight, still dealing with the effects of morph alienation, observe the security office from the vent above. There are two guards with assault rifles outside of the entrance doors and two officers with sidearms holstered monitoring the consoles. When the fire alarm goes off you push open the vent and throw jugs of chemicals at them. They are stunned and reeling as Pyrelight stabs one with a butcher knife. Deceiver rushes the door and locks it as the officer staggers back, draws his sidearm and fires. The gunshot alerts the guards but the fire alarm prevents the entire lobby from hearing. Deceiver quickly locks the other door just before they can open it. They begin breaking it down as the officers defend themselves. You are both shot up before you can take them down and grab their sidearms.

Deceiver climbs into the vent, but Pyrelight, staggering from damage is cut down by an automatic rifle before he can try again. Deceiver puts a round through his cortical stack before he slithers down the duct as fast as possible.

Deceiver makes sneaks out of the hotel through a garbage chute and he and Aura make their way into the city of Hyoden. They come to a Jovian check point which they bypass by going through the sewers before coming to the King of Spades Pawn Shop.

The pawn shop contains an eclectic mix of junk and artifacts claimed to be from Earth. Baron Samedi’s morph is covered in face paint made to look like a skull. “How can I help you?” he says. You offer to buy the dollar bill, which is proudly presented in the center of the room above and behind the counter top, for 596 Martian Yuan. “That is far too little.” He says. “But perhaps I have something that might interest you in the back. Follow me.” You step into his back office. Suddenly, Baron Samedi begins to convulse slightly and his eyes roll into the back of his head. His voice changes. “By God, it’s good to see you.” Somehow you know this to be Ozymandias, or at least a fork of him. “We must go. You may have been followed.” He opens a trap door in the back of the office and you follow him down. There you find a Boondock Saints style arms and equipment room. You take some rope (you always end up using it) and make your way into the waste treatment tunnels beyond.

Before too long you are ambushed by heavily armed soldiers. They are Hyoden resistance fighters. After a tense exchange, they bring you to the Sanzu Waste Treatment Plant where, at long last, you find Ozymandias. He is standing over a holographic map of the city next to a man who introduces himself as Colonel Eric Baird. “We have much to discuss.” Says Ozymandias. “And precious little time.” From out of the shadows steps a familiar figure. “I’ll bring you up to speed.” says Pyrelight.



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