The Long Night


Session 6


PCs (Players)

Aura (Nathan)
Frog (Charlie)
Glowurm (Jon)
Pyrelight (Craig)
Hammer (Aaron)
Deceiver (Jacob)




The White Zone
Jovian Expedition Encampment


Current Date: November 20th-22nd, 10 AF


  • Three Wastewalkers
  • Exsurgent Jelly
  • Jovian Black Ops Aerospace Plane


  • You drive through the canyon putting as much ground between you and the smugglers as quickly as possible. After an hour driving south you come to an area where it might be possible to climb out but it will be risky. Deceiver does not hesitate, he disengages the autopilot and climbs both vehicles up the steep cliffside. You are through.
  • Travelling the martian desert for hours you come to an area that is filled with bizarre artifacts of the TITANs. Great black fractal structures like fan coral climb hundreds of meters into the air. What purpose they served you can only guess. You sense you are getting close. Over a small ridge you see the ruined remains of a hastily built walled encampment. Someone has been out here until recently and they had some serious resources at their disposal. All around are the decapitated corpses of soldiers and the TITAN weapons that killed them. Almost everything is destroyed save an aerospace VTOL nearby that only looks slightly damaged. The encampment is butted up againsted a damaged TITAN structure. One of the giant fronds has broken free at the base, like a tree split by lightning. Where this break made an entrance to the interior the expedition connected an airlocked tube.
  • That’s when you notice movement. Frog sees a horrifying humanoid creature, it’s skin black and mottled like a salamanders, putting a white, porcelain doll-like mask onto the face of the corpse it is looming over. it is a wastewalker, the exsurgent infantry of the TITANs, and it has just found a fresh recruit. Aura hears strange clicking sounds from her radio as the creature disappears before your very eyes. It has a chameleon coating! And so do the two opening fire behind you!
  • A firefight ensues. The wastewalkers lay down a withering barrage of gauss rounds. Pyrelight is cut down. Aura puts up a barrier while Frog tries to revive him. Hammer and Deceiver fire back while Glowurm goes into a psionic trance boosting her speed to tremendoud levels. Hammer and Deciever cut one down. Pyrelight is brought back to consciousness and starts firing. So do the others. Glowurm sees the wastewalker by the encampment readying a crew sized weapon. She has to put a stop to that or they will all perish. Taking the wheel of one of the buggies she peels out down the steep dune. She rams the creature just as it starts to unload plasma into the front of the vehicle. She crushes it against the fortress wall but was unable to get out in time. Glowurm is badly wounded, as are many others but the wastewalkers are vanquished.
  • After some investigation you determine that this was a group of Jovians who had taken considerable measures to conceal who they were. There are no obvious insignia, only by looking through a technician’s personal journal were you able to determine this. They appeared to be on a mission for the Jovian Space Defense Force. Dr. Lee Min-jun, Head of Space Force Command’s Weapons Research Group, was mentioned. This camp was built approximately two months ago.
  • Deceiver goes through the tunnel into the TITAN structure. He finds a gloomy room with walls black and glossy like obsidian; they seem to move and shimmer when his T-ray emitter passes over them. The floor is covered in an ankle deep, thick, translucent liquid. The room doesn’t like him there and defends itself. The liquid on the floor begins to take a roughly humanoid shape and attacks. Deceiver fires round after round into it but with little effect. He manages to escape, but it is a close thing.
  • After some time, you determine that the VTOL most likely arrived sometime later, after the attack. Aura tries to hack the onboard computer and finds it incredibly challenging. This is a black ops aircraft and the security is like nothing she has every seen. Somehow she manages to convince the AI that she is one of the pilots named Dave. The AI isn’t fooled for long. It tries to attack them when it detects that its weapons systems are being tampered with. You attack and destroy the aircraft but unfortunately Glowurm was still in the cockpit. Fortunately, there is an ejector seat.
  • You tend to your wounds and prepare to enter the TITAN structure.



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